What I wore: Road Trip to Explore Cherry Blossom Forest

Happy spring!  The weather in Kobe doesn't know where it's headed. Some days it's cold like no other, and some days it feels like summer has come. 

The trees here are starting to shed. The picture above is of the trees outside our house that were completely bare just a few days ago!

Sakura Forest


We recently went to a Sakura (Cherry blossom) forest in Kobe, and it was a different world all together. So soothing and relaxing, taking you to something beyond imagination. 

I love places where I can smell the history, and this was just it. It seemed so old, yet so refreshing. 

If you ever decide to visit Japan, second week of April is surely the best time! It's just heavenly over here.

Now on to what I wore on the road trip...

  • HIjab and Abaya: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Shirt: ASOS
  • Denim Skirt:  Sannomiya (A shopping street in Kobe, Japan)
  • Bag:  Sannomiya 
  • Heels: ZARA

We had a road trip and I couldn't really decide what to wear. I decided to opt for something out of my usual choices, which was this long denim skirt. It had been hanging in my closet for as long as I can remember (lol). Since it is spring, and spring is all about pastel colors, I decided to go all pastel blue with my shoes, bag, and hijab. With black abaya on top and my comfy kitten heels.

These kitten heels were definitely my inspiration for the look. 



I have picked these items online for you to create your own version of this look for less! Enjoy ;)

That's it! Check out my previous posts if you haven't already.

Until next time! xo