What I Wore: Potluck Night

Hey girls! Happy Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did, as we hosted a party at our home, and I got to meet a lot of friends.

 Anyway, I wanted to share this dress that my mom got for me that I'm totally in love with! I went to my friend's house a while back for a potluck (one dish party). I had just gotten married and I wanted to dress up, yet keep it classy. This dress turned out perfectly with my jewelry. It is flowy, girly, and it is an epitome of elegance. I love it so much, I already have repeated it like three times! 



Because it was a potluck, I had some heavy stuff to carry. So instead of a small purse, I used this big chunky bag from ZARA. It kept my outfit together and I didn't have to carry heavy stuff in shopping bags!

MARIA. B. has become one of my favorites for Pakistani clothes after this dress! I will definitely be looking out for their new collection.

That's it girls! I hope you enjoyed. Leave me a comment, I love reading your guys' feedback! 

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See you soon. Ciao!