5 Things To Make 2017 An Awesome Year

If you find yourself getting happy for others' happiness, know that you have mastered some awesome happiness skills. We tend to get jealous over little things. As I dive into this thing called life, I'm coming to realize that happiness is all about contentment.

A poor man with a roof over his head and food on his table can be more happy and rich than a person that seems to have it all.  Happiness doesn't happen to people who are not content with their ''TODAY''. Who are waiting for their ''TOMORROW''. That ''tomorrow'' will always become ''today''.  So if we learn to accept our present (today), and be content with it, our lives will be set.

 You have goals to achieve? Great! You want to better yourself? Perfect! You want to have better life than her/him? why? Why not live our own beautiful kind of life? What good will we get after living a ''better'' life. It is all a game in our minds, that we are in control of.  YOU get to decide the definition of ''better''.


You want happy life? 1.STOP GOSSIPING! If you find that you are gossiping about others, know that you are NOT happy with your life. Gossiping about others' behind their back is a major sin and we should refrain from it. Is this really why we came in this life? To gossip? To compare? The tragic death of our late brother Junaid Jamshed last year has seriously got me rethink about life. About how we think it is in our control, but it is actually not.

2. Remember death often, because when you know you just are a ''guest'' in this world, you will act nicely with others. You will 3. Make sure that nobody is hurt by your act whether it is intentional or unintentional. I can never thank my mother enough for telling me to take care of one thing in life no matter what. And, it is so beautiful that I want to share it all with you. She said ''If someone is hurt by your words/act, it could destroy your life. Never hurt someone whether the person is young or old, poor or rich''.  

I make sure since then, that nobody is hurt by my acts. If I did hurt you, please forgive me. 4. There is no shame in asking forgiveness in this world as it will be so difficult to get it in the hereafter.  

Nobody is perfect, and we all need reminders in life to succeed. This was just a quick reminder to you and myself, that 5. we only live once, how we live and feel is in our own efforts

With that said, happy new year to all of you! Let's start this year with positivity and zero negativity. May you find peace with your family. 

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