Honeymoon Diaries: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia + Tips


Okay guys, so before I post my next country from our Europe excursion, I wanted to take a moment and go back to the beautiful memories..., our first vacation together! We went to Malaysia to spend some time after our wedding in April. It was such a last minute plan, I was told on our reception that we are going to Malaysia (I wasn't expecting the visa to come on time).

Now, if you know anything about Pakistani weddings, you know they last for a very long time, even after the wedding. This gave Mister a hint that we weren't going to be able to spend time with each other, if we had to attend parties with the limited time we had together (He had to go back to the US). So, he decided to take me the next day of our reception, which was quite different from tradition, and I ended up LOVING it! 

I had been to Malaysia before, but all I remember was food that we ate, and how much fun I had with my family, as I was only seven years old. Good ol' days.. 

The Restaurants:

Since everything is Halal, we went for places that we wanted to try that we normally can't in other countries. First place we went to was Pizza Hut, as I was craving pizza that I hadn't had for months (I know, bride problems XD). For breakfast, we went to places like Pancake House, near our hotel, Ben's in pavilion mall, and one day Mr. Idrees brought some stuff from Starbucks, also near our hotel. We also went to B.B.Q. Tonight, but I like the Karachi one better! I didn't take that many pictures of the food, because I didn't know I would be blogging about it one day 😂

Coming from a place like Japan, Malaysia was heaven when it came to halal food. Everything screamed "I am HALAAAL"

Ben's Restaurant

Ben's Restaurant

Okay before we even went to Malaysia, this traditional dish, Nasi Lemak (above) was on our list. After speaking with concierge for about half an hour, and three restaurants later, we finally found the restaurant that served this dish. Everyone was raving about it, and we had to try it. Mister didn't like it (I'll explain why later XD), and he thought it was over hyped. I liked it, it was just like a mixture of Pak/Indian curry with a touch of Chinese. 

So, do you see those crunchy-looking-little-chips? Top left, underneath the cucumber? yes? Well that ain't potato fry or fried onion, it's DRIED fish that just smelled wrong. Mr. Idrees TRIED it.  Yep. You get why he said it's over hyped 😂 Otherwise, the dish was amazing! BTW, their wifi password was ''think big''.

Marini's on 57

Marini's on 57 is the highest restaurant and lounge in Malaysia. Located on the 57th floor of Menara 3 Petronas. It felt as if we were in the clouds! Not only that, their food was awesome! Especially pasta and salami pizza. Give them a try if you ever visit there!

They have a strict dress code, so I wore this dress with a gorgeous abaya (coat) below. 


Sneak peak of le shopping. Except for the phone and the perfume. Mister gave me those before the trip. The perfume (Parfums de Marly DARCY) has such a beautiful story. He bought it in Saudi Arabia when he went for Umrah before he even knew me! For his future wife, AKA meee 😍 MashaAllah! It is a very intense and long lasting fragrance, with citrus accents, sweet floral notes, white musk and patchouli. I love it! 

Fresh coconut water at the local market!🌴 AND my wedding henna :)

At a furniture store casually sitting there pretending like ☕☕☕ 

20160408_151319 (1).jpg


We stayed at "The FACE Suites". It was GORGEOUS. Everything, from the rooms to the roof top.


Their infinity pool was👍 

Mr. Idrees😍

Petronas Towers at night from our hotel.

Petronas Towers at night from our hotel.

We were told to visit Langkawi, and other places when we were in Kuala Lumpur, but as it was such a last minute plan, we didn't go anywhere which was the best decision! We really got to know each other, because the time was spent together doing little things like getting ready and going out for dinner and shopping. Not spent commuting and exploring the city. Don't get me wrong, I think exploring the city has its own perks, but honeymoon isn't for it. It is to spend time together, getting to know each other. 

Some tips if you are planning your honeymoon trip soon:

  1. Choose a country that you don't have to explore. 
  2. If you have a strict diet you follow, then choose a country that won't disappoint you when it comes to eating out. (ex. if you're muslim, choose a country where halal food will be easily available)
  3. Take loads of videos! It's fun to watch in the future, more than pictures!
  4. Remember, you end up remembering the memories that weren't planned! So, plan less and live in the moment, because those are the moments you all will cherish for the rest of your lives! :)

That's it peeps! I hope you enjoyed ;)

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