Travel Diaries: Rome, Italy

Rome. Where do I even start? This city has some magical power. My historical-place-loving soul was so happy to be there, and it was so fascinating to see buildings and other old architecture that are over two thousand years old, scattered all over the city. People were very welcoming and the food was AWESOME.  What made it even more beautiful was the fact that I got to explore the city with my special person <3  

The Colosseum

Dress: ALEX EVENINGS My beautiful mama got this gorgeous dress for me! Hijab: Sannomiya, Kobe  

Vatican Museum


Sistine Chapel 

WARNING: You're not allowed to take pictures in the chapel. I didn't know this and the security told me not to after I already took this picture below.  

We went inside to see one of the most famous work of art in the world, which you can see in the mural below.                                                     


The Trevi Fountain


Coat: ZARA, Hijab & Bag: Store in Rome, Nail Polish: GUERLAIN (#042, Firebow)

When my family went earlier this year, it was completely covered, under renovation. Feel so bad as it was honestly breathtakingly GORGEOUS!

We threw a coin together in the fountain (more like I begged Mister to do it with me lol). Something I wanted to do forever. They say that your wish comes true if you throw a coin in it. We don't believe in that, as true love is everlasting, but we still threw one in just for the sake of fun! 

Close up of the nail color swatch, Fire Bow #042. The color looks red in the picture but it has an orange-pink hue. Gorgeous color.  

Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere 

Street of Smart Cars and Your Iconic Italian Vespa

The Food


Did I mention how awesome the food was? No.  Even though we couldn't have meat at most places, it didn't feel like it at all. The food was fresh and simply made from natural ingredients. One thing I heard about Italian chefs was that they don't like to ruin the pizza/pasta by adding lots of artificial flavoring and sauces. This trip proved it right. Any cooked meal we had was made from minimal ingredients and was excellent. This trip has given me some serious tips on Italian cuisine. Food is no problem in Italy, whether you eat Halal, Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, or Dairy Free.  

We had countless amount of Gelato (Italian-style ice cream). Gelato is everything in Italy. Feeling happy? Gelato. Wanna grab something? Gelato. Dessert? Gelato. 

Some unique flavors that we loved:

  • Coconut cream - sounds weird, but it tastes exactly like, as if you are eating coconut meat! Awesome for coconut lovers!
  • Chocolate Mint - This flavor itself has been a favorite of mine since I was young. It is refreshing and creamy at the same time.. just try it once!
  • Espresso - A little bitter for my taste but excellent for coffee lovers! (AKA Mister)
  • Nutella - Creamy, Chocolaty. Can never go wrong!! A little on the sweeter side though.
  • Moca - In between sweet and bitter. 
  • Pistachio - Reminded me of ones in Karachi! 
  • Passion Fruit - It tastes exactly like passion fruit, and the texture is more like sorbet.

 Nutella tubs <3 Oh, See that little sticker on the wall? 

Yes, this white one at the bottom. This was put on there because of me! I asked the guy if the gelato with cone was gluten free, and it took him at least twenty minutes to figure out, basically to find the packaging. So, after he was done telling me that it is not gluten free, he put the ingredient label on the wall! I made history! Creeps me out a little as well, because this is going to be there for decades, just like the buildings and structures. Which reminds me, it is already 2017! Happy new year peeps! Time is flying by so fast. Catch and make memories with loved ones before we run out of time!  Speaking of gluten-free diet, check out my results after being on it for three months.


We stayed at Sheraton. We had a suite, but I would recommend to just get a normal room, as you hardly spend any time in the room. Majority of the time is spent exploring the city.    

Roaming Around The City


THAT'S ALL! I hope you enjoyed and found this post helpful in planning your travels. Check out my Paris Diaries if you haven't already, and stay tuned for the next destination, Munich, Germany!

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