Burn Fat While Sleeping: Get Your Body Fit

Did you know that there is a way to burn fat even when you are sleeping? Sounds awesome right!? Well, there is. All you have to do is breath, and you will burn calories :) Why you ask? Let me ask you a question, why do we eat? We eat to live (well, some live to eat xD ). But, why does our body need sustenance? Because food gives us energy, and we need energy to be able to walk, talk and live. Now, if we do not give the body food, it will go into starvation mode and use it's stored energy deposits; fatty deposit, and worse, it will use muscle first! Muscle readily breaks down, much more easily than fat, releasing ketones (without getting into the science behind it, it is energy the body can use from muscle degradation) in the body that it can use for instant energy. Albeit fat may have more stored energy, it also takes time to convert to energy, and is the body's last resort. 

You must be thinking, why did I even click on this post then? If I only have to be alive to be able to burn calories, like while I even sleep I would be burning calories. Well, how many calories you burn depends on YOU and your lifestyle choices. You can burn more, you can burn less. In addition to lifestyle choices, partly depends on your metabolism too.

The metabolic rate: the rate at which the body burns calories without doing any physical activity - is partly determined by the amount of muscle we have. The more muscle we have, the higher the metabolic rate; the less muscle we have, the lower the metabolic rate. In other words, More muscle = more calories we burn, even whilst sleeping. The body will require more food, so we CAN eat more, and subsequently burn more. Less muscle = less calories burned, and more food will lead to weight gain. That is why when you eat extra food that your body doesn't need (can't burn), it becomes fat, unless you burn it with working out and exercise. Caloric intake is directly related to muscle gain, and without physical activity, obesity. This explains why men, who have a high portion of muscle, eat more, and have faster metabolism than women who have less muscle (normally). And, why a 20 year old has a higher metabolism than a 80-ear-old - again, the 20 year old has more muscle than the latter (usually), and with age too, the metabolic rate slows down due to muscle and bone degradation over the years. 

Some are blessed with faster metabolism since birth, and some need to work to get it. Metabolic rate is under your control. If you love eating food, start building muscles and enjoy all the food in the world :)

Check your metabolic rate here and get an idea of how many calories you burn without doing any rigorous exercise, you can balance your weight and at least prevent weight gain.

Mine: I need 1955 calories a day to survive, that means if I don't eat this many calories, I will start going into starvation mode (Read more about Starvation mode here). On the other hand, if I want to eat more than 1955 calories, and still maintain my current body weight, I can simply do that by burning extra calories on treadmill. If I want indulge into sweets, I have to  to do something even more rigorous, like going on a shopping spree for three to four hours! Continuously standing, walking, bending and flexing trying on clothing, you're working out! 

You want to eat a box of cookies that's 300 calories? Earn it and eat it :)   YOU DESERVE THAT COOKIE alright!

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