How to loose weight in 7 days: Get Your Body Fit

How to loose weight in 7 days? Easy. Drink plenty of water one day, then weigh yourself and note down the number. Flush it out from your body the next day. You'll see the difference! People who are looking to 'loose weight' in x amount of days, keep reading and you'll know how.

 This topic is so important, as it is effecting many young girls. Whenever I hear someone is on a 'diet' and they are going to 'loose weight' in certain amount of time, typically between 1-2 months, I just feel pity for them. Not because of their weight, but because they think they are doing their body a favor. When in reality, it is the worst thing we could do with our body, as going on a diet (and by diet, I mean the starving diet where people cut certain foods out of their daily intake) not only effects our emotional health, but also it can have huge rebound effects (gaining more fat/weight), which can lead to serious health issues and further depression in the long term.

Now, I am not saying that cutting certain foods out (eg. CARBS, SUGAR, FAT) will lead to rebound, but it is the commitment that will. For example, a person who has carbohydrate intolerance (people who have difficulty digesting carbs and feel worse after eating carbs) would most likely avoid carbs their whole life because they feel worse after eating (eg. bloating, fatigue, flatulence). But people who ENJOY eating pizza, pasta, or cake, will end up eating in the future when they're done with their 'diet'. If you are 100% sure you will not eat the food you are going to cut from your diet your whole life, then you are set! But, most people cannot be sure about the future so not really. (lol)

Also, this advice is for people who are wanting to get fit and are NOT morbidly obese (100 pounds over his/her ideal body weight, BMI of 40 or more and experiencing obesity-related health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes). If you fall in the last category, this does not apply to you. Please refer to your doctor and follow his or her directions. 

How it works:

Stage 1: You decide to go on a diet and loose weight! YAY!

Stage 2: Carbs out, Sugar: a big no no, Fat: never in my life will I ever eat!

Stage 3: Body starts to freak out, thinking you'll never give it food and goes into starvation mode.


 What happens when body goes into starvation mode:

Body realizes it is not getting enough food/calories that it needs to survive, thinks that you are starving, and slows down your metabolism to conserve energy and uses fat (body's energy) to survive. That is why you feel like you 'loose weight' and you're diet is a huge success. So when you're done with your diet, and you DO feed yourself and go back to your normal eating habits, your body will store most of your consumed calories as fat, because those are your long -term energy deposits, to prevent starving in the future.

Stage 4: You start loosing weight and getting skinnier day by day! WOOOHOO!

Stage 5: You reach your goal of loosing x amount of pounds. Now I can eat whatever I want!

Stage 6: And, back to usual habits. Eating everything that you avoided during your diet. 

Stage 7: Body stores every food you're giving as fat to prevent starving in the future.

Stage 8: You gain weight. Not only that, you also loose muscles (further details will be explained in next post in this series). Your body gets more prone to getting fat. 

Stage 9: Repeat, repeat, repeat, and one day you look back, you were always on diet your whole life, and you never achieved your goal of loosing weight and rather gained, now more prone to getting fat. 

How to prevent that?

  2. Cut off the vocabulary 'weight loss' from your dictionary. We need to focus on fat loss and getting FIT and gaining muscles. 
  3. Eat what you desire. A pizza slice is not going to make you fat, but emotional sacrifice definitely will lead to it in the long run.
  4. Move your body during the day.
  5. Always judge your body in the mirror not with numbers.
  6. Be happy with what you have. 
  7. Know that at the end of the day, what matters is how you FEEL rather than how you LOOK. 

Thanks to this knowledge I acquired, I never dared being on a diet, I eat pizza (I'm craving pizza, hence all the references to pizza if you can't tell already xD) whenever I want, and am still able to maintain my BMI between 18.5 to 19.   

I'm launching a Get Your Body Fit section on the blog today. New series where I am going to discuss topics pertaining to FAT LOSS, and sharing tips on getting fit. All confirmed by a doctor (aka Mr. Husband), so it just adds that much more credibility, right? ;)

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed.  Stay tuned for next post in this series coming next week!

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