Fariha Idrees

My name is Fariha Idrees. I am 21 years old, a wife, a fashion addict, and I love everything that surrounds beauty.

I was born in Dubai, raised in Japan, and I am of Pakistani origin. Currently living in MN, U.S. Wherever I go, I always get asked about my dressing, and the fact I love to talk about and share my experiences about beauty, it really inspired me to make this blog!  

I have been exposed to various cultures, and it has influenced me to create a very unique blend of style when it comes to dressing, styling, and even cooking! In this blog you will see everything that I love, what I have learned. From beauty and make-up tips, to fashion trends and a sneak peak of my adventures along the way.

Now, go grab a cup of coffee or chai and enjoy the ride ;)